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Want to write about revo.js? We’re happy and thankful you want to spread the word.

Content Essentials

Whether you want to write a full-fledged article or craft a snippet, our About page has the essential information to get you started. Feel free to use the descriptions you find there as such.

For the latest happenings, our social media pages are a good source of what’s on our agenda at every stage.

If you’re still craving more details or want to do a revo.interview, don’t hesitate to contact us at

To maintain a consistent visual identity so that every JavaScript enthusiast can recognize us in a jiffy, here are our visual guidelines.

The logo is a very important expression of our brand identity. It should not be distorted or redrawn when used in communications. Please follow our guidance when using it, as it is vital that it is applied consistently.

revo.js logo

The symbol should be used alone when the logo is too small to achieve maximum impact. We only encourage the usage of the symbol alone when it’s an absolut must and the full logo does not fit at all.

revo.js symbol

Clear space and sizing

The logo or symbol should always be surrounded by generous white space. The diagram below shows the minimum amount of clear space needed. It is based on the x-height of the revo.js text.

The minimum digital size for the logo or symbol should be 25px (height), and the minimum print size should be 1cm (height).


revolution red + JavaScript yellow = revorange

Logo variants

Our logo is primary used on our dark grey and black backgrounds, using the color combinations listed below. It can also be used on white in its colored form, or on our orange background.

dark grey:

If the background clashes with our primary colors, we suggest the usage of our monochromatic versions (white for dark backgrounds, black for light backgrounds)

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