About revo.js

What’s revo.js all about?

revo.js is a not-for-profit event taking place in Timișoara, Romania. The conference aims to bring JavaScript enthusiasts two full days of tech-focused talks, community networking and thought-provoking ideas meant to stir up change, the only const there is.

  • 2 full days of technical focused talks
  • 1 full day of workshop(s)
  • single track conference
  • community driven, not-for-profit event
  • 16+ international speakers
  • 250+ participants
  • engaging After Party

When we talk about revo.js, we like to describe it in 3 short phrases:
Technology focused. Community driven. JavaScript conference.

Also, you might have seen our tagline here and there:
Change is the only const

In the following paragraphs, we would like to motivate the above descriptions by sharing with you:

  1. How did revo.js come to be?
  2. Why are we organizing this conference?
  3. What topics are we interested in?
  4. How do we plan to cover the costs?
  5. What type of talks and speakers are we looking for?
  6. What does the tagline mean?
  7. Why revo.js?

How did revo.js come to be?

Ever since 2013 we've been organizing tim.js, a monthly JavaScript meetup in Timisoara. We've been tackling the idea of organizing a bigger event for more than 3 years now, but we knew that it would take a huge amount of effort, and there was nobody to take the lead.

What actually triggered us to talk seriously about the conference was a series of 3 factors:

  1. We recognized the need inside our community, as more and more members kept asking for such an event.
  2. We were inspired by the JSHeroes organizers and their attitude towards open-source conferences;
  3. We received a helping hand from our friends at BanatIT, who have a lot of experience in organizing various tech events.

We all wanted a local JavaScript conference, so instead of just waiting for somebody to organize it, took the matter in our own hands.

Why are we organizing this conference?

You might ask yourselves:

Aren't there enough JavaScript conferences out there?

According to confs.tech, there are between 1 and 5 JavaScript conferences in the world every single week. So, from a global point of view, the answer is "No, there is no need for yet another JavaScript conference".

But the local community is in great need of this. Not many developers can afford to attend conferences in other countries.

So why not bring the speakers here in Timisoara, instead? This way, many more people can benefit and attend the event.

What topics are we interested in?

revo.js is a JavaScript conference dedicated to the entire JS ecosystem. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Web Standards: DOM and Browser APIs, ECMAScript, WebAssembly, Accessibility, etc;
  • Node.js: Server-side JS, Package management, Databases, Serverless, etc;
  • Frameworks & Libraries or any utilities that may help during development;
  • Graphics: CSS, Animations, 2D & 3D, SVG, Canvas, WebGL, VR, AR;
  • Tools for better Developer eXperience;
  • Code Design: Best practices, Design patterns and high-level architecture;
  • Hardware: IoT, House appliances, Crazy hacks;
  • Other topics related to JS: Security, Performance, Testing, Deployment, etc.

We intend o have a maximum of 2 talks in the same topic category.

We also plan on tackling some non-technical topics, if they are at least tangential to JavaScript, such as:

  • open source, communities;
  • development culture, soft skills;
  • teaching, learning, etc.

However, these topics will not cover more than 20% of the talks.

Generally speaking, we are not looking for topics regarding management, leadership or general software development not related to JavaScript, Front-end or UI development. It would dilute our scope and we believe there are other events that do a better job at specifically tackling these areas.

How do we plan to cover the costs?

revo.js is a community driven event. What does this mean and how does this make it different from other types of conferences?

  • We are not looking to make a profit, so the tickets' prices are low.
  • We put a lot of effort into it because our only purpose is to serve the entire community and deliver a great event for everybody: attendees, speakers, sponsors and partners.

Let's talk money

Our plan is to raise about 60% of the estimated budget from sponsors and the rest 40% from selling tickets.

In case we would make a profit out of the event, we will redirect it in causes that will benefit the entire community. Some examples are:

  • donate part of it to various causes: open source, diversity support, or anybody who could use money more than we do;
  • make the local JavaScript meetup even better, by bringing speakers from outside Timisoara;
  • invest it into a future edition.

We want to be as transparent as possible and thus we'll keep you updated in case the conference makes a profit. At that given moment, we'll tell you more about the exact causes the extra money will be used for.

What type of talks and speakers are we looking for?

revo.js is Technology focused so you should expect the vast majority of talks to be technical. They should either teach, inspire and/or entertain. The ideal talk is a combination of all 3.


We all want to learn something new when we attend a conference, whether it's:

  • a fundamental language feature;
  • a new standard API;
  • how a particular concept works;
  • a new library that you've worked on;
  • valuable tips & tricks;
  • actionable pieces of advice;
  • something we can apply to our projects the very next day.


From time to time, we all need some inspiration and motivation, such as:

  • getting a new perspective or a mind shift that we never considered before;
  • finding out about out-of-the-box applications using everyday tools;
  • witnessing creative usage of web technologies.


We all want to have a good time, smile or even laugh our heads off, so any talk that can mix usefulness with entertainment, will be prioritized.

The types of speakers you should expect to see on stage vary from:

  • people with vast experience in certain areas;
  • developers passionate about specific topics;
  • open source maintainers;
  • advocates for various technologies and tools;
  • technical speakers with a sense of humor.

Another important aspect is the delivery, so speakers are expected to have prior stage experience or at least a lot of confidence.

This doesn't mean that we selected only speakers who have attended international conferences. We accepted various types of speakers and even speakers who have recorded themselves at home in order to show us their delivery skills.

We are looking for speakers that are:

  • comfortable in front of a crowd;
  • coherent;
  • funny.

What are we trying to avoid?

  • "Intro to framework/library X" type of talks. They are more suitable for meetups and we plan on having workshops that will cover such content.
  • Subjects that have been presented many times before at other conferences.
  • Topics that are highly focused on a very particular problem, that very few attendees might benefit from.

What does the tagline mean?

JavaScript is currently during its teenage years, so it's very unstable, dynamic and energetic. That's not going to change any time soon.

So, instead of being constantly frustrated because of this, we should all accept the fact that things will change. Resistance is futile.

Also, change is beneficial. We, as developers, are constantly changing. Whenever we talk to a new colleague or learn a new language/framework/technology, we change bit by bit. Every project we work on and every team we work with will change the way we think, behave and write code.

It's only because of change that we got here today, not using GOTO statements anymore and building mobile apps using JavaScript.

Change is not bad. Change means evolution.
And it's the only const.

Why revo.js?

As you might have guessed, revo.js is short for JavaScript Revolution.

Why "Revolution"?

Timisoara is known as the city where the the 1989 Romanian Revolution started. It's something that we're proud of and makes us identify ourselves with change.

Ok, but why "revo"?

Here in Timisoara, we like to shorten (some) words by pronouncing only the first 2 syllables. For instance "Timi", instead of Timisoara.

So, what are we planning to revolutionize?

We'll take things one step at a time. We believe that all revolutions start small and are very isolated in the beginning. But if their cause is just, they will naturally expand and grow.

This first edition is mostly an experiment for us, as we’re trying to understand what it takes to organize such an event. We have experience attending conferences both as participants and as speakers, so we're trying to create an eclectic event by implementing the good things we came across and avoiding the not so good things.

We also focused a lot on accessibility mainly because Romania still has a long way to go when it comes to it.