About revo.js

Technology Focused.Community Driven.JavaScript Conference.

revo.js is the first JavaScript conference in Timisoara, organized by the tim.js community with the help of BanatIT and many other friends.

What’s revo.js all about?

revo.js is a not-for-profit event taking place between the 3rd and 4th of October 2019 at Consiliul Județean Timiș. The conference aims to bring JavaScript enthusiasts two full days of tech-focused talks, community networking and thought-provoking ideas meant to stir up change, the only const there is.

  • 2 days, single track conference
  • community driven, not-for-profit event
  • 16+ international speakers
  • 300 participants

Who should attend?

  • Anybody who writes JavaScript
  • Anybody who wants to learn JavaScript
  • Anybody who enjoys talking about JavaScript
  • Anybody who wishes to teach JavaScript



Founded in 2013, tim.js is the local JavaScript Community in Timisoara, committed to encourage, inspire and share JavaScript knowledge among its members.

Banat IT

Dedicated to all stakeholders in the local IT industry: universities, talent, researchers, IT employees, recruiters, and affiliated supporting services, Banat IT is an NGO created by a passionate group of professionals.