Revolutions start small,
but not individually

revo.js is a community-driven conference, organized by tim.js through its NGO, Asociatia TIM.JS.


Founded in 2013, tim.js is the local JavaScript Community in Timișoara, Romania.

Its main purpose is to bring JavaScript enthusiasts together and facilitate knowledge sharing between its members through meetups, workshops, and conferences, such as revo.js.

We welcome everybody interested in any aspect of the JavaScript ecosystem, whether they're a beginner who just started learning, or an expert with decades of experience.

Core Team

This event takes place only because the following humans got involved:

  • Amalia Sisak black and white photo
    Amalia SisakVenue
  • Andrea Sisak black and white photo
    Andrea SisakHospitality
  • Adrian Fâciu black and white photo
    Adrian FâciuWebsite
  • Horia Radu black and white photo
    Horia RaduAfterparty
  • Ilona Iftode black and white photo
    Ilona IftodeCommunication / Sponsors
  • Ion Moșincat black and white photo
    Ion MoșincatBackstage
  • Anca Spătariu black and white photo
    Anca SpătariuSpeakers
  • Lucian Păcurar black and white photo
    Lucian PăcurarSpeakers
  • Lia Pfeiffer black and white photo
    Lia PfeifferVenue Design
  • Ovidiu Bîte black and white photo
    Ovidiu BîteTickets
  • Dana Ciuma black and white photo
    Dana CiumaSpeakers' Dinner & Trip
  • Andrei Pfeiffer black and white photo
    Andrei PfeifferCoordinator

Special Thanks

We have to give a special shoutout to the ones that helped us during the year:

  • Alex Iliescu
  • Ami Totorean

And last, but surely not least, a huge hug to the extended crew that helped during the event:

  • Bogdan Cubleșan
  • Andrei Laza
  • Athena Gândilă
  • Arnold Ișpan