Change comes one step at a time,
and a conference is built one supporter at a time.


We are very grateful and proud of our awesome sponsors.
We couldn’t do it without them. For real.

  • Dream Production
  • Bioclinica
  • Bosch
  • Quarticle
  • Metro Digital
  • ACI Worldwide

  • Cobalt Sign
  • Doctari Group
  • Interact
  • Syneto
  • WeVideo
  • UnifiedPost
  • Webamboos


High five to all the amazing communities that have our back.
They are the primary personas of this event.

  • JSHeroes
  • JSgirls
  • JSLeague
  • Frontend Hub
  • Oradea Tech Hub
  • Frontend Meetup Budapest
  • JSConf Budapest

Our Friends

A huge thank you to all our friends.
They brought the "spice and everything nice".

  • Bereta
  • Zeama de Developer
  • Glorium Technologies
  • DS Smith