COVID-19 Updates

In the midst of the current COVID-19 pandemic, we were all faced with several tough decisions.

Unfortunately, after carefully monitoring the situation and considering all possible scenarios, we had to make the toughest decision event organizers can make.

revo.js 2020 is cancelled

Undoubtedly, we didn’t take this decision with an easy heart. On the contrary. Our hearts were telling us to continue preparations as planned.

Still, our reasoning reinforced our belief that cancelling is the wisest and most correct thing we can do at this given moment, based on the data we have available. Here is why:

  • Safety comes first

    Currently, there’s no way to guarantee we’ll be able to offer a 100% safe environment in October, even if we’ll be legally allowed to organize the event by then.

  • Too many unknowns

    We’re flexible and adaptable, but the current degree of uncertainty regarding travelling and social gatherings measures makes it impossible for us to predict whether or not things will pick up. We are reasonably sure we would have had to cancel at a much later date.

  • Won’t compromise quality

    Even if by October we would be legally allowed to hold the event, we’re certain that we would have been forced to make compromises with regards to quality and to the overall experience. The current economic and social context would have definitely taken its toll on our conference and would have chipped away from revo.js’ atmosphere.

What's next?

We plan to revolve in 2021 with our second edition and make it up to everybody for this gap year. Once we have more certainty as to when this pandemic will subside, we’ll get back to you with fresh news.

Until then, we want to thank everybody who was involved, one way or another, in the organizing of this 2020 edition. Our lineup of speakers, sponsors, supporters and CFP applicants were more than ready to push to the finish line. We tip our hats to all of you, our revo.crew.

Stay healthy, stay safe.