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Ritvi Mishra

Developer Advocate at Dyte

Breaking Down JavaScript Complexities With Generative Art

Are you struggling to wrap your head around complex JavaScript concepts? Have you ever considered using generative art to visualize and simplify these concepts? In this talk, we will explore how generative art can be used to break down complex concepts in JavaScript. You will learn about various tools and libraries for creating generative art, and we will demonstrate live-coding examples to make it all come to life. Join us to discover a creative and engaging approach to understanding JavaScript complexities.

About Ritvi

Ritvi is a multifaceted artist, maker, and firmware engineer who is passionate about creating beautiful and functional works of art. With a background in IoT and firmware engineering, she brings a unique blend of technical and creative skills to her work. Ritvi is known for her expertise in stained glass art, macrame, and other forms of artistic expression. She runs art workshops that encourage self-expression and creativity, inspiring others to explore their own artistic talents. In her free time, Ritvi has recently become obsessed with scuba diving and other water sports.

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