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Ben Lesh

Development Lead at RxJS

Tug of War – Pushing and Pulling In JavaScript

In this talk we'll explore what 'push' and 'pull' mean as concepts in programming, where you see this in JavaScript, and why it's important. We'll be looking at the differences and similarities in different asynchronous and synchronous interfaces, and talking about some of the pros and cons of each. In this talk I hope to help everyone unlock a new understanding of what's happening in their applications at a lower level, and hopefully start seeing all of their code through the lens of 'push vs pull'.

About Ben

Ben Lesh is best known for his involvement as the technical lead for RxJS, a popular reactive programming library for JavaScript. He has worked on the Angular Team at Google and also at Netflix in the past.

Ben is a father of 3 children, and enjoys art such as drawing and painting.

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