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Anna Migas

Lead UI Developer at Field Intelligence

Demystifying Web Performance Tooling

Web performance has been one of the most talked about web development topics in the recent years. Yet if you try to start your journey with the speed optimisations, you might find yourself in a pickle. With the tooling, you might feel overwhelmed—it looks complex and hard to comprehend. With the metrics: at first glance all of them seem similar, not to mention that they change over time and you cannot figure out which of them to take into account.

In this talk I we will take a look at the most useful web performance tooling. There will be no more secrets around the topic and you will be able to dive into the web speed optimisations with confidence. We will also briefly mention metrics and services to monitor your improvements over time.

About Anna

Anna works as a Lead UI Developer at Field Intelligence helping to bring healthcare the fastest emerging markets in the world. She is always trying to find ways to make people fall in love with coding and has a long history of organizing coding workshops for WebMuses and Rails Girls. In her spare time she is practicing Pilates, playing Hearthstone and traveling.

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