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Alex Moldovan

Product Engineer at CodeSandbox

The Ethical Choice

As technology is eating the world and humanity’s dependence on software is growing every day, there is a strong need for ethics to be brought up in product design and engineering.

No one starts with the intention of building software that is harming others, but unethical actions (or inactions) over time can lead to bad or harmful experiences. The past decade showed us the dangers of ethical fading, when product decisions were made without considering their effects on the world. Think about social media, the attention economy it exploited and its impact when deployed to the scale of the web.

As developers and designers, we often feel irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. But what if we have more power than we think? And what if the power comes with a level of responsibility we have towards the user or the customers we serve?

About Alex

Alex is Product Engineer at CodeSandbox, where he mixes his passion for user experience with the interest in creating better tooling for developers. He is also an organizer at JSHeroes, one of the biggest JS/Frontend conferences in Romania.

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