Raluca Nicola

Product Engineer at Esri

The web developer’s guide to cartography

Maps are everywhere! Whether you want to find your hotel, plan your next hike or see the results of a recent election, maps are indispensable.

But how do we create such maps? Web mapping APIs have come a long way. They are easy to use and not only allow us to create 2D maps, but more recently also 3D ones. Add some magic geo data and cartographic knowledge and you are on your way to building your first mapping master piece.

In this talk we’ll go through the process of creating a web map: starting from an idea, gathering and processing the data, and finishing up with a beautiful web map visualization. No geo-knowledge required! Enthusiasm for maps will be provided in the beginning of the talk.

About Raluca

Raluca works at Esri as a Product Engineer for ArcGIS API for JavaScript. She enjoys prototyping visualizations that involve spatial data. Most of them are in 3D and all of them live on the web. In the past she also made maps for the Atlas of Switzerland and the Swiss National Park.

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