Martin Hochel

Principal Engineer at Productboard

The (Real) State of Web Components

2018 is gonna be the year of Web Components they said... Was it? The year is 2019 and people are asking, are Web Components everywhere? Probably not. Why?

This talk will try to answer all these questions you might be asking yourself, by going through a real evaluation of Web Components as the primary tool for authoring web pages and applications.

About Martin

Martin is a Technical Lead for UI and a Google Developer Expert for Web, with a strong passion for JavaScript/TypeScript and clean code. He loves contributing to open source (TypeScript, rex-tils, ng-metadata, @skatejs, React, Preact), enjoys writing technical articles on and also runs the biggest JavaScript meetup in Prague/CZ - ngParty. Martin loves to travel the world and meet new people at conferences.

When he’s not busy preparing the next meetup or talk, you can find him outside, on one of his skate/snow/wakeboards (depends on the weather conditions, yo!)

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