Stephen Meya Kenigbolo

Frontend Engineering Lead at BCaster

You can do open source!

Have you ever felt like open source is too much of a hassle to get into? Ever felt like you do not know enough about programming yet to get into open source? What if I told you that you’re not alone in this thought but that this thought is a misrepresentation of the facts? Join me as we take a deep dive.

Both Junior, Intermediate and Senior developers and non-developers very often find themselves mulling over the idea of contributing to open source projects. A lot of the times this is because they might not know how to get started in contributing to open source. They either don’t believe that they are able to contribute or they think that only developers and people who are code gurus can actually contribute to open source. These are all misconceptions and the goal of this talk is to correct those misconceptions as well as give a clear outline about how to go about it for both developers and non-developers.

About Stephen

I'm Kenigbolo Meya Stephen, Full Stack Software Engineer working as the Frontend Engineering Team Lead at BCaster. I'm the Arch Conveyer/Community Manager of CodeAfrique (also now known as Reload for the classroom version), a not-for-profit weekend intensive software engineering bootcamp for underrepresented groups in IT started out first in Estonia.

During my free time I sometimes volunteer as an open source developer for ADSBx, spend time playing golf or on the pitch playing/coaching football (soccer, as Americans call it).

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