Csaba Patkós

Technical Team Lead at Syneto

Clean Architecture - A Twelve Months Journey to Clarity

We believe in change. We believe in proven principles. We believe in choosing the right tool for the job. Come, attend my presentation to get a glimpse at our journey from a monolithic architecture to one driven by Clean Architecture.

I will show you how a project changed over the course of a whole year from a monolith written on top of an Express.js structure, and in various plain and messy JavaScript standards, into a modular Clean Architecture driven design and architecture, and with TypeScript.

We will talk about modules, adopting TypeScript, extracting microservices from existing code, and of course TDD, unit testing, api testing.

About Csaba

I am code craftsman passionate about code design, architecture, and clean code. I amusing new ideas and latest industry trends in my everyday job. My aim is to make code better, easier to understand, and maintainable for years, not just code and ship.

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