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Boyan Mihaylov

Software Architect and Developer at Fadata

A journey of multithreading using WebAssembly

WebAssembly is a new programming language, allowing us to compile C/C++ or other statically typed languages and run them in the browser and Node.js. While languages like C/C++ support multi-threading, JavaScript is single-threaded and this raises the question of how WebAssembly will behave.

In this talk we will discuss the design of threads for WebAssembly, the implementation challenges in terms of security and we will see examples of how multithreading can be achieved using Web Workers.

About Boyan

Boyan is a software architect and developer, thinking human-first when writing software. He likes experimenting and talking about technology and its application to solving everyday problems. He prefers working solutions over concrete frameworks and languages. Boyan believes technology needs more storytelling and he tries to convey such. In his free time he performs improvised comedy with his group.

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