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Kenneth Auchenberg

Developer Experience at Stripe

DevTools for the decade to come

The ML revolution is here, and will have a profound impact on the way we develop software, but what does all of this ML buzz mean for front-end and web developers? In this talk I’ll share my perspective on the revolution that’s in front of us, and what it will mean for us as developers, and the developer tools for the decade to come. Buckle up!

About Kenneth

Kenneth works at Stripe building the next generation of developer experience(s) and tool(s) for the economic infrastructure of the internet 🌍💰🛠 Previously he worked on @code at Microsoft.

He’s the co-founder of @coldfrontconf in Copenhagen, started the @remotedebug initiative, and is a Global Shaper for @wef. He lives in Seattle, USA, and blogs occasionally at, and tweets as @auchenberg.

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