Main Organizers


Founded in 2013, tim.js is the local JavaScript Community in Timisoara, committed to encourage, inspire and share JavaScript knowledge among its members.

Banat IT

Dedicated to all stakeholders in the local IT industry: universities, talent, researchers, IT employees, recruiters, and affiliated supporting services, Banat IT is an NGO created by a passionate group of professionals.

Core Team

This event takes place only because the following humans got involved:

  • Amalia SisakServices
  • Andrea SisakHospitality
  • Simina SîrbuDesign
  • Andreea NicuSponsors
  • Horia RaduAfterparty
  • Ilona IftodeCommunication
  • Anca SpătariuTickets
  • Cassian LupSpeakers
  • Lucian PăcurarSpeakers
  • Andrei PfeifferCoordinator
  • Lia PfeifferVenue Design
  • Ovidiu BîteSupport
  • Adrian FâciuSupport
  • Ion MoșincatBackstage
  • Iulia TamazlicariuAccessibility

Special Thanks

Last, but surely not least, let's give a huge hug to the extended crew that helped during the event:

  • Milena Vlad
  • Daniela Ciuma
  • Mădălina Mohorîta
  • Marius Cristea
  • Bogdan Cubleșan
  • Denis Troncotă